Gun Reform Update: H.R.8 for Universal Background Checks

The House Democrats will introduce H.R.8 today in honor of Gabby Giffords.

What’s ahead:

  • Jan 9 -23 (Wednesdays) Lobby days for gun safety at the Rhode Island State Capitol
  • Jan 15 (Tuesday) MA Coalition to Prevent GV first quarterly meeting
  • March 28 (Thursday) MA Coalition to Prevent GV Peace MVP Award

Gun Control Across the Nation

5 gun violence prevention priorities for the 116thCongress.

Senators Murphy and Blumenthal presented “The Background Check Expansion” Act.

Senator Rubio will reintroduce a Federal Extreme Risk Protective Order bill.

House Republicans expected to reintroduce conceal carry reciprocity this week.

Individual States taking action for gun law reform.

Parkland tragedy turns a moment into a movement.

Roseanne Cash shares her activism for gun violence prevention.

Parents are usually not held accountable when children access unsecured guns.

Mass shootings since Sandy Hook on one map.

Black American life expectancy is lower largely due to gun violence.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention and Other States

Connecticut based Sandy Hook Promise receive support from Walt Disney

New Hampshire restores gun ban on the House floor and gallery.

In California, three killed at a Torrence bowling alley.

Colorado gun owners refuse compliance on assault weapons ban.

Florida House legislators reintroduce guns on campus bill.

Iowa school districts issues mandatory gun training for middle-schoolers.

In Nevada, Las Vegas shooter’s estate ask survivors what to do with arsenal of guns.

Louisiana domestic violence gun law now in effect.

In Pennsylvania, parents sue school district on new gun policy.

Tennessee Governor grants clemency to Cyntoia Brown for shooting death in self-defense.

Boston Pink Pistols group revived in response to Pulse nightclub shooting.

The NRA Rounds

Beyond Russia, NRA seeks International support for guns-everywhere dogma.