Stop Handgun Violence Applauds House of Representatives for Filing H.R. 8, Background Check Bill for All Gun Sales

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Speaker Pelosi and House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chair Rep. Mike Thompson, filed H.R. 8, a bill which would require background checks on all firearm sales.

The following is a statement of support from Stop Handgun Violence (SHV):

“We applaud the efforts of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Mike Thompson, additional House co-sponsors and the thousands of advocates who have worked around the country for this bill” said John Rosenthal, founder of Stop Handgun Violence. “Thirty-one states do not currently require background checks for all gun sales.  If passed, this law would save countless lives by preventing dangerous individuals from accessing firearms without inconveniencing law-abiding gun owners. It would prevent those who are a proven risk to themselves and others, like individuals convicted of violent felonies and domestic abusers from purchasing firearms without detection. Background checks are supported by 97% of Americans including the majority of gun owners and I applaud the new Congress for prioritizing this life-saving and proven gun safety initiative.”

“We are extremely energized by this new bill, and we hope that this is just a first step of many to strengthen our nation’s gun safety laws. We look forward to passage of this bill through the House and hope that the Senate will also respond to the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans.”


Stop Handgun Violence (SHV) is a Massachusetts based non-profit organization committed to the prevention of gun violence through education, public awareness, effective law enforcement and common sense gun laws. SHV has been the lead advocate in Massachusetts for enactment of the most effective gun violence prevention laws and first in the nation consumer protection regulations. The organization does not seek to restrict Constitutional rights, but advocates only for common sense legislation that will help save lives. For more information, go