Gun Reform Update: #HonorwithAction for #UNCC

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families in the aftermath of the deadly shooting at University of North Carolina – Charlotte campus.

We promise to #HonorWithAction for #UNCC.

What’s ahead:

  • May 2 (Thu) School shootings and activism with Greg Gibson in Newburyport.
  • May 4 (Sat) Time Magazine presents ‘Guns in America’ in Falmouth.
  • May 11 (Sat) Gun GiveBack in southern Maine.
  • May 12 (Sun) Walk with us at the Mother’s Day Peace Walk.
  • June 3 (Mon) Lobby day at the State House with March For Our Lives in Boston.
  • June 8 (Sat) Art of Ringing benefit concert for Stop Handgun Violence in Cambridge.
  • June 10 (Mon) Disarming Memorial Quilts now on display in Arlington.

Across Our Nation

House appropriates $50 million for gun violence research.

The impact of extreme risk protective orders has varied state to state.

New research show domestic violence homicide is on the rise.

Lawmakers in 6 states push to arm teachers even with research saying this makes students less safe.

What’s changed in 20 years after Columbine?

A study shows the mental health of gun owners’ children is at risk.

Watch “12 Seconds of Gunfire” based on a true story of a 7 year-old girl.

Giffords sues the FEC for failure to act on NRA allegations breaking campaign-finance law.

Everytown for Gun Safety published state poll ahead of the NRA convention.

Don’t just offer thoughts and prayers – commit to vote.

Brady launches End Family Fire campaign to promote gun storage.

March For Our Lives releases PSA on school lock down drills.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention  & Other States

Appeals court rejects challenge of Massachusetts law to ban assault weapons.

In Northborough, a murder-suicide results after a domestic dispute.

Team 26 rides from Newtown, Connecticut to the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

A deadly shooting at a California synagogue on the last day of Passover was likely hate-motivated.

Manuel Oliver presented “Ripped from the Headlines” in Florida to honor his son, Joaquin.

An ex-officer was sentenced in Florida for the fatal shooting of musician Corey Jones.

24 shootings and 5 murders in one weekend in Chicago.

Indianapolis businesses prepare for armed customers.

Gun violence victims and families settle a lawsuit against a Kansas pawn shop.

In Maryland, 8 people were shot at a cookout in Baltimore.

On the last day of school, a fatal shooting at University of North Carolina.

7 people were shot at a house party in Nashville.

Gun safety instructors in Tennessee push back against proposed carry permit.

Washington state Ghost Gun bill moves to Senate committees.

The Gun Industry Rounds

NRA’s favorite Russian agent, Maria Butina, sentenced 18 months following guilty plea.

NRA President Oliver North is out and NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre stays in.

NRA suspends top lawyer, Steve Hart.

The NRA donated over 9,000 times the limit to Trump’s campaign.

New York Attorney General opens investigation against NRA’s tax exempt status.

Internal memos reveal hidden payments for top NRA executives.

Is the NRA losing its’ clout?

National Shooting Sports Foundation claims no consumer demand for smart gun technology.