Gun Reform Update: HR.8 passes in the House

In case you missed it, the Congressional House passed HR.8 last week! Read our press release here.

What’s ahead:

  • Mar 7 (Thursday) A Mother’s Dream Quilt showing in Lowell.
  • Mar 11 (Monday) Tackling Gun Violence at CitySpace in Boston.
  • Mar 28 (Thursday) MVP Peace Award night in Wellesley.
  • Apr 3 (Wednesday) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence meeting.
  • Apr 25 (Thursday) Stop Handgun Violence screening the 91% with film director, John Richie.

Across Our Nation

The House passed two gun reform bills in one week.

The House background check bill includes GOP amendment targeting undocumented immigrants.

The Whitehouse announced President will veto any background check bill.

A former Marine takes on educating gun owners and suicide prevention.

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO reflects on his tough stance for gun safety.

Democrats are no longer afraid of gun control.

CEO’s from Tom’s Shoes, Levis and Dick’s Sporting Goods urge Congress to pass bills.

Federal judge advances the federal Bump Stock Ban.

Research shows a lack of gun violence prevention measures.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

BU School of Public Health continues to keep gun violence in the forefront.

Massachusetts Extreme Risk Protective Order temporarily removes six firearms since enacted into law.

David Hogg speaks in Illinois on student activism.

In Maryland, Baltimore votes to arm school officers.

New Hampshire Medical Society nods support on 4 gun reform bills.

New York Governor signs Extreme Risk Protective Order into law.

New York City Sergeant arrested for manufacturing and selling ghost guns.

Permit-less open carry now legal in Ohio.

Rhode Island introduces three bills for gun reform.

The Gun Industry Rounds

Facts on 5 active investigations on the NRA.

The clout of the gun lobby is now challenged.