Gun Reform Update: Senate Judiciary Meeting

Senator Graham announced the Senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on gun reform bills on March 26th. Take action to support S.184 by calling your Senator at 1-800-972-3524 and check out others listed here.

What’s ahead:

  • Mar 14 (Thursday) MFOL Boston Roundtable Series in Boston.
  • Mar 18 (Monday) MFOL DC Letter Campaign to Congress.
  • Mar 23 (Saturday) Activism & Social Justice Forum in Salem.
  • Mar 23 (Saturday) MFOL Rhode Island rally in Providence.
  • Mar 28 (Thursday) MVP Peace Award night in Wellesley.
  • Apr 6 (Saturday) Operation Liptstick Grand Opening in Boston.
  • Apr 25 (Thursday) Support SHV at the 91% screening with film director, John Richie.

Across Our Nation

A recent study shows states with higher gun ownership have more mass shootings.

Extreme Risk Protective Orders are moving quickly across the country.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

Cambridge man arrested for illegally buying ammunition at a Wilimington gun show.

A Florida bill could prevent the public from seeing state records on mass shootings.

Illinois is the only state that bans this handgun made to look like a cell phone.

An 11-year old Indiana boy charged with shooting his father.

In Kentucky, permit-less concealed carry bill passes.

Maine Representative Jared Golden voted against background check bill, HR.8.

New Mexico enacts new law on background check for all gun sales.

New York is the first state that allows teachers to petition for an Extreme Risk Protective Order.

New York  legislators approve new gun storage bill.

North Carolina School Security Act gives teachers raises to carry guns to school.

The Gun Industry Rounds

Is the tide is turning against the NRA?

The NRA behind the uptick in high school shooting teams.