Gun Reform Update: More Events!

Now you can easily find upcoming events to support Stop Handgun Violence on our website. This week a private screening of 91% and so much more – find it here!

What’s ahead:

  • April 25 (Thu) Watch the 91% private screening with film director, John Richie.
  • April 27 (Sat) Disarming: Memorial Quilts for Mass Shooting Victims exhibit in Arlington.
  • April 30 (Tue) Attend the short film, “It Was Just Too Easy” at the MA Statehouse.
  • May 1 (Wed) Understanding the Court Process with Grandmothers Against Gun Violence.
  • May 4 (Sat) Time Magazine presents ‘Guns in America’ in Falmouth.
  • May 12 (Sun) Walk with MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence at the LDB Peace Walk.
  • June 8 (Sat) Art of Ringing benefit concert for Stop Handgun Violence in Cambridge.

Across Our Nation

The challenge to estimate gun ownership.

One third of parents believe their children can stop a shooting.

Several states miss reporting deadline to improve FBI background checks.

Brady announces student video competition on safe gun storage for scholarship money.

March For Our Lives announce upcoming campaign in Times Square.

Gun violence research attracts a new generation of researchers.

Active shooter drills in schools could be doing more harm than good.

Gun-owning seniors survey reports unsafe storage and more.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

A Boston mother writes her memoir to honor her slain son.

Millbury pre-K teacher fired after bullets fall out of pocket in class.

The Cow Palace in San Francisco votes to end gun shows.

Twenty years after Columbine, gun reform has little to show.

How Colorado gun laws may have helped a potential violent shooting.

Survivors from Columbine ask if photos will stop the violence.

Maryland high school raffles guns to pay for graduation party.

Giffords launches Gun Owners for Safety in Minnesota.

A New Jersey principal keeps his school open Friday nights to prevent gun violence.

One year later, waffle house shooting victims are remembered in Tenneseee.

In Texas, pediatric gunshot wounds analyzed with a social perspective.

A Washington man charged with posting a mass shooting plan.

The Gun Industry Rounds

The NRA’s history promoting gun rights outside of America.

Misuse of assets could revoke the NRA’s tax-exempt status.

NRA is suing its longtime ad agency.