Gun Reform Update: Save the Date to Celebrate


You’re invited to a party to celebrate 25 years of Stop Handgun Violence! Bring your family and friends to honor local activists and advocates who have contributed to the progress of gun violence prevention and awareness in Massachusetts. Buy your tickets now or donate $25 for 25 years – thank you!


What’s Ahead:

  • June 26 (Wed) March for Our Lives: MA lobby day in Boston.
  • June 29 (Sat) Arlington Police host gun buy-back.
  • July 9 (Tue) March For Our Lives: Boston public meeting.
  • Aug 10 (Sat) Mother’s Dream Quilting Bee in Brockton.
  • Oct 24 (Thu) Stop Handgun Violence 25th Anniversary Party

Across Our Nation

The Congressional House votes to fund gun violence research.

Teen suicides are up and easy access to guns is deadly.

Border officials seize record number of illegal machine gun kits in 2018.

21 Democratic candidates answer several questions, including one on handgun ownership.

An artist highlights school shootings with bulletproof vests and more.

Can new gun laws prevent potential mass shooters?

At Cannes Creativity festival, Manuel Oliver asks brands and agencies to work together for change.

Designer Kenneth Cole puts up a billboard ad for gun law reform.

Gun Violence Prevention in Massachusetts & Other States

Two men shot and killed in Jamaica Plain.

The economic cost of gun violence is $95 million in Rhode Island.

Vermont Governor vetoes gun purchase waiting period.

In California, police arrest a man for plotting a mass shooting .

In Colorado, a man indicted for illegally shipping gun parts hidden in toys.

In Florida, a woman in a domestic violence situation arrested for turning in her husband’s guns.

Parents of Rio Rancho school shooter charged in contributing to his delinquency..

Manuel Oliver of Change The Ref, speaks at a Brooklyn concert about his son, Joaquin.

Ten people shot outside a nightclub in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Virgina Representative wants to reinstate gun silencer regulation.

The Gun Industry Rounds

NRA suspends second in-command after fall out from coup attempt.

NRA TV in dire straits with Ad agency.

Smith & Wesson parent company earnings down and cites political climate challenges.

Deconstructing the NRA’s deadly fantasy of the ‘good guy’ with a gun.

The NRA applauds Oregon state legislators who threatened to shoot law enforcement.