Gun Reform Update: Take Action TODAY

As we remember the 9 victims from the Charleston shooting, we seek action from Congress to close the Charleston loophole. Universal background check bill H.R.8 was passed in the House over 100 days ago and the Senate has yet to debate it. Click here #BackgroundChecksNow to send a letter to your Senator and demand a vote for S.42!

What’s Ahead

  • June 20 (Thu) Book signing by local advocate Denise Cosby.
  • June 22 (Sat) Watertown Police host gun buy-back.
  • June 23 (Sun) Gun Buyback fundraiser with dinner in Arlington.
  • June 24 (Mon) March for Our Lives: MetroWest forum.
  • June 26 (Wed) March for Our Lives: MA lobby day in Boston.
  • June 29 (Sat) Arlington Police host gun buy-back.

Across Our Nation

New bills for handgun licensing and preventing 3D firearms are filed in the House and Senate.

House Republicans reintroduce a bill to eliminate ‘gun-free’ school zones.

New legislation by House Democrats could allow survivors to sue the gun industry.

Senators write to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulate toy guns.

A John Hopkins study show gun owners support for smart guns, but question the technology and cost.

Guns exporting from the U.S. to Mexico should not be ignored.

ATF agents investigate thousands of guns stolen and sold by an ATF guard.

Gun Violence Prevention in Massachusetts & Other States

Governor Baker awards UTECH of Lowell to establish a Gun Violence Prevention Center.

Local Boston artist Daniel Laurent produces music video to highlight gun violence.

Arlington Police Department to participate in upcoming gun buyback.

New Hampshire Governor expected to veto two gun control bills.

Vermont state police will be armed with semi-automatic rifles..

In Florida, a road rage incident turns deadly.

A Missouri principal put on leave after tweeting a photo of a gun to David Hogg.

New Jersey legislators introduce safe gun storage and smart guns.

How a Princeton graduate got his gun and killed his father.

Street protests result after U.S. Marshals shot and killed a man in Memphis.

Houston Texas Police Chief chide politicians for inaction on gun violence.

Teachers in Milwaukee charged for not reporting a shooting at school.

The Gun Industry Rounds

A gun owner and NRA instructor pen an open letter to the NRA.

The NRA paid off board members who managed their spending budget.

The gun industry is making bigger high-capacity magazines.

How the NRA board member uses fear to make money.