Support us at the State House

This Wednesday, Stop Handgun Violence will testify to support various gun reform bills such as closing a private sale loophole that still exists in Massachusetts. Come out to support us at the MA State House committee hearing – more details below.

On our calendar:

  • Aug 28 (Wed) MA committee hearing on state gun reform bills.
  • Sep 4 (Wed) Suicide Prevention Talk for firearm owners.
  • Sep 9 (Wed) Stop Handgun Violence Volunteer Meet Up; RSVP.
  • Sep 13 (Fri) BPeace protest rally at Smith & Wesson.
  • Sep 14 (Sat) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence rally.
  • Sep 15 (Sun) A Concert Across America benefit in Lexington.
  • Sep 25 (Wed) Free Concert Across America in Hyannis.
  • Oct 24 (Thu) Stop Handgun Violence 25th Anniversary Party!

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Across Our Nation

A recent study of Gun Violence Restraining Orders in California shows positive results in gun violence prevention.

March for Our Lives release an ambitious gun reform plan, called the Peace Plan.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has record earnings and continues to reduce guns and ammunition inventory in stores.

Private gun owners thwart Facebook’s policy to sell their guns.

The House Judiciary Committee will return from summer recess early to review gun reform legislation.

Veteran lawmakers call for return of the Federal assault weapons ban.

Research suggests states with more gun owners have more murders in the home.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

Massachusetts lawmakers to hear from the public on dozens of gun safety laws.

B.U. School of Public Health releases a study on the impact of gun laws for urban and suburban settings.

San Jose Mayor sees mandatory gun insurance as part of the solution.

A place to hide included in new Michigan high school construction.

A Michigan study in Detroit shows tearing down abandoned buildings could lower gun violence.

In New Jersey, high school students paint a mural on gun violence that irks some adults.

Ohio first graders remove gun from case in school administrative office.

Ohio teen who made online threats owned 25 guns and 10,000 ammunition rounds.

Virginia Attorney General fights for state gun laws at U.S. Supreme Court.

The Gun Industry Rounds

Six more NRA Board Members resign.

The NRA legal team shake up includes outside counsel Michael Volkov’s resignation.

Wayne LaPierre informs President Trump that universal background checks are off the table.

NRA favorability rating slid into negative digits for the first time.

NRA lobbyist testified against Florida’s proposed assault weapons ban.

A $6.5million promise from the NRA to Wayne LaPierre is the latest financial controversy.

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Don’t miss out and join us!