MB Jarosik

Meet MB, an active Board Member for 4 years.

Why did you choose to serve on the Stop Handgun Violence Board?
“Mom do you think that I could get shot at my school?” Grace Jarosik, 5th grade, 2015.

I joined Stop Hand Gun Violence to volunteer in every way possible to promote gun safety and prevent ever having to hear this question again.

What is your most memorable Stop Handgun Violence event?
50 Miles More March. Uniting with the marchers to dedicate that day for a victim of gun violence [Day 3 from Wilbraham to Springfield].

What’s your favorite Massachusetts destination?
Coffin Beach, Wingaersheek, MA. The Caribbean of the north shore.

Fun fact:
For the past 18 years I flew to Austin, Texas on my birthday to buy a pair of cowboy boots.

Celebrate M.B.’s work to end gun violence and join her at our 25th Anniversary party on October 24, 2019!