Research from the Violence Policy Center (VPC) shows that black homicide victimization rate is 4x’s the national homicide victimization rate, and greater than 6x’s the homicide victimization rate for whites. Over 85% of black homicide victims are shot and killed with guns. Read VPC annual research reports here.

VPC also published a 2017 report on the impact of continuous violence in communities:

“In the context of gun violence prevention, research suggests that living in violent communities compromises residents’ ability to break intergenerational cycles of violence. Without large-scale interventions, a neighborhood becomes effectively unable to protect itself against the perpetuation of a culture that is normed in violence.”

We support and advocate state funding for organizations like UTEC and LDB Peace Institute who actively work to break the cycle of violence and heal their communities. Thank you!



It only took 10 minutes for the shooter to kill 7 coworkers at Edgewater Technologies in Wakefield on Dec. 26, 2000. A jury took 3 days to pronounce him guilty of first-degree murder. This is not how we want to be remembered. Take action – send this postcard to Congress at and ask for gun law reform.