Domestic violence is surging during the Pandemic. In 29 states and D.C., firearms restrictions aren’t automatically included in temporary orders of protection.

In Massachusetts, we do include firearms removal when a domestic violence protection order is filed.




In the News:

  • The Extreme Risk Protective Order was used 39 times in Massachusetts since 2018.
  • In Maine, the Extreme Risk Protective Order Law was applied 13 times to prevent gun violence.
  • Colorado Extreme Risk Protective Order proving to be useful for police.
  • Georgia Congresswoman Greene supported execution of Democratic congressional leaders on her Facebook page.
  • Newark police records no-shots fired in 2020 for the first time after reform.
  • Texas Supreme Court rejects Alex Jones request to toss out Sandy Hook lawsuits.
  • Virginia passes bill banning firearms at polling places.
  • Discredited John Lott ousted from the Justice Department under the new Administration.
  • Canada legislators will vote to designate the Proud Boys as a terrorist group.

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