Gun Violence – the forgotten epidemic

Gun Violence is an epidemic.

Our country faces many kinds of epidemics and public health crises that require our immediate attention. The reaction to COVID-19 versus gun violence in our community is stark and disturbing.

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Gun Control & Reform in the States

  • The Springfield community reacts to multiple shootings last month.
  • In California, a UPS employee arrested after mass shooting threats.
  • Colorado Congressman tweets video of AR-15 as a challenge to Biden.
  • Fatal shooting over a mall parking space in Atlanta.
  • Tennessee gun violence rate among youth doubles over the last decade.
  • Santa Fe, Texas High School approves guns in classrooms.
  • Background check on all gun sales on its way to Virginia Governor.
  • Washington legislature creates office focused on reducing gun violence.

National News & The Gun Industry

  • Country Music Hall of Fame cancels NRA annual fundraiser.
  • Children share their stories on active shooter drills.
  • CDC firearm injuries data is unreliable, but is there better?
  • Senators questions Zuckerberg on Facebook gun sales.
  • Google refuses to remove videos of Alison Parker’s murder.
  • Everytown endorses Democratic candidate Joe Biden.