SHV and COVID-19

Stop Handgun Violence supports efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and encourage our supporters to stay informed with science and facts from local/federal authorities such as 

On Our Calendar:

Due to the MA guidelines for COVID-19, all events through April have been postponed or canceled.

Newsworthy in the States

  • In New Hampshire, armed pro-gun extremists rally with open carry.
  • Rhode Island postpones House hearing on gun bills due to COVID-19.
  • In New Mexico, annual gun show sees low vendor turnout.
  • Philadelphia children afraid to go out because of gun violence.
  • Pittsburgh-area gun owners react to COVID-19 fears by buying more guns.
  • Illinois mayor bans sales of guns and alcohol in the midst of COVID-19.

National News & The Gun Industry

  • Canadian gun sales jump fearing U.S. owners will deplete supply.
  • Past voting record on gun reform bills mentioned in the Debate.
  • Trump offers zero action on gun reform after Milwaukee shooting.
  • New rules from Trump administration blocked on 3D-printed guns.
  • Absolutist Gun Rights extremists turn their focus on states.
  • NRA cancels annual convention in Nashville because of COVID-19.