MA voter registration deadline

In the News:

  • Shareholder group of Nuns ask Smith & Wesson to consider the impact of gun violence.
  • A mass shooting in Arizona – a family of seven shot, tragically the baby died.
  • South Floridian man arms himself with an AR-15 and handgun while visiting Disney World.
  • Kenosha shooter won’t face charges in home state Illinois.
  • Giffords launches a National Gun Owners organization to counter the NRA.
  • Guns Down America and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence reports on limiting firearms at voting locations.
  • ACLU recognizes a rising epidemic of police shootings in COVID times.
  • Have you noticed? Gun control hasn’t been discussed on the presidential debate stage.
  • According to a college survey, GenZ top voting issues are police reform, climate crisis and healthcare.

Letter to Senate Leadership on the Supreme Court nomination process:

“As organizations work to strengthen public safety laws across the country, we come together to urge the Senate Leadership against rushing through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court in the midst of an ongoing national election.”

READ the full letter here.