Voter suppression happening


The FBI is investigating arson at a ballot box in front of the Boston Public Library. The last collection before the fire at the Copley Square box was ~2:30 pm on Saturday, 10/24. Nearly 122 ballots were found inside, and Secretary Galvin said most were intact to be processed.

We encourage all voters to track their mail-in ballot for assurance. A listing by state to track your absentee ballot is here.


More in the News:

  • Arson likely at a California ballot box in Los Angeles.
  • In Florida, mail-in ballots of Black & Latinos rejected at double the rate than White voters.
  • Armed far-right groups are organizing in Idaho at the polls and other protests.
  • Meanwhile in Michigan, state ban on firearms at the polls will not be enforced by police.
  • Nevada Republicans sue to stop Clark County vote count of mail-in ballots.
  • Most New Hampshire polling locations will allow firearms but questionable that it doesn’t lead to potential voter intimidation?
  • The growing danger of political violence in America.

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