Massachusetts Gun Reform: Week of 10/30

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Each week, we’ll be posting updates with the most relevant news items for grassroots gun reformers in Massachusetts, New England, and the Nation.

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1) AG Healey & 16 Other AGs Oppose Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey joined a coalition of sixteen other Attorneys General who sent a letter (dated Oct 22nd) to U.S. Congressional leadership strongly opposing concealed carry reciprocity legislation. Read the letter and the Mass AG office’s press release.

There is still time to register to see AG Maura Healey this Thursday, November 2nd in Wellesley as she accepts the Peace MVP Award from Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.

2) Peer-Reviewed BU Study Finds that States with Tighter Concealed Carry Laws Have Lower Rates of Homicides

The American Journal of Public Health published online (Oct 19th) the results of a 25-year study from the Boston University School of Public Health, concluding that “shall-issue” gun permit laws are associated with significantly higher rates of total homicides, firearm-related homicides, and handgun-related homicides.

In Massachusetts, we have “may-issue” gun permitting, which gives police discretion when granting gun licenses. These laws are associated with lower rates of gun homicide.

3) San Francisco 49ers and Police Support Rep. Moulton’s Bump Stock Bill

The San Francisco 49ers of the NFL announced Oct. 26th that they’re teaming up with several police organizations on the west coast and New York to support North Shore Congressman Seth Moulton’s (D-MA) bipartisan bill to ban bump stocks, notably used in the Las Vegas shooting spree of over 500 people at a concert earlier this month. Watch the press conference from San Francisco.

Tweet from Rep. Moulton’s offfice (@TeamMoulton): .@49ers & police unions support @sethmoulton’s bipartisan bill to to ban manufacture, sale, & use of “bump stocks”

4) NY State Regulators Investigating NRA Insurance Program Known as “Murder Insurance”

New York state regulators in the Department of Financial Services are investigating the NRA’s insurance program through the “Carry Guard” program. The controversial policies cover legal costs for alleged self-defense shootings, leading to the nickname “murder insurance”. Read the Associated Press story.

5) Armed Man from Boston “Free Speech” Rally Arraigned for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm:

An alleged gunman from the Boston Common “free speech” rally, Nathan Mizrahi of Norwich, New York, was arraigned Oct. 27th in Suffolk Superior Court.

A second alleged gunman, Trevor Carey of Shrewsbury, Mass., was scheduled for a Nov 6th court date. Carey is a security guard with a license to carry, who was arrested for disorderly conduct at the rally after putting his hand on his hip while engaged in a political debate with counter-protesters.

5) Upcoming Events:

This Thursday, November 2nd at 7pm: Justice and Healing; an evening with AG Maura Healey and Rev. Liz Walker in Wellesley 

December 1-3: Columbinus, a play that examines the events that led to the shooting at Columbine High School, performed at Harvard