Meet John, co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence

From “No Nukes” to “ENOUGH”, there’s no doubt John Rosenthal has passion and compassion to do what’s right. Read more about John and join him to celebrate 25 years of Stop Handgun Violence!




On our Calendar:

  • Sep 11 (Wed) Stop Handgun Violence Volunteer Meet Up; RSVP.
  • Sep 13 (Fri) BPeace protest rally at Smith & Wesson.
  • Sep 14 (Sat) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence rally.
  • Sep 14 (Sat) Youth R.I.S.E. rally in Boston.
  • Sep 25 (Wed) Free Concert Across America in Hyannis.
  • Oct 2 (Wed) Moms Demand Action Lobby Day.
  • Oct 24 (Thu) Stop Handgun Violence 25th Anniversary Party!

Across Our Nation

Top presidential candidates support Gabby Giffords to create an ad about gun violence.

Albertson’s joins the trend of retailers and supermarkets asking to stop open carry in stores.

Are active shooter drills in schools beneficial?

Mass shooting deaths up 347% since assault weapons ban expired in 2004.

Chinese student denied entry into the U.S. for carrying a bullet-proof vest.

Massachusetts Gun Violence Prevention & Other States

What can Nevada learn from Massachusetts gun laws?

Sandy Hook, CT families win legal lawsuit against Alex Jones, Infowars.

In Maine, a man shoots and kills a woman mistaken for a deer and only sentenced for 9 months.

In San Diego, a man sentenced for running an illegal guns and ammunition factory out of his home.

The Iron Dixie Pipeline to Chicago begins in Mississippi.

Nevada college student arrested for 2,000 rounds of ammunition in his car.

Court allows Charleston shooting victim families to sue over flaws in federal background check system.

Texas Lt. Governor takes the lead on universal background checks.

Bump stock ban is enforced in Houston, Texas.

The Gun Industry Rounds

The NRA files new lawsuit against former ad agency.

NRA spending $100,000 to move the annual board meeting to D.C.

More personal spending on the NRA’s account by Wayne LaPierre.

NASCAR denies the NRA advertisement opportunity at their events.

NRA designated as a terrorist group in San Francisco.

Inventor family of the AR-15 states this was meant to be a military weapon.

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