We are Ready to Mobilize with Music this Wednesday at 7:30pm

For the full list of performers and to make donations click here: tinyurl.com/Concert-Performers

Then please watch the VP debate. And most importantly, VOTE.



  • Gen Z voters are mobilizing voter turnout.
  • Giffords reports on armed voter intimidation and harassment for each state.
  • The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence releases video “Not Safe in Trump’s America’.
  • Parkland parents restore their dead son’s voice with Artificial Intelligence to get out the vote.


In the News:

  • In Massachusetts, man admits to illegal production of ghost guns, including an uzi.
  • In Connecticut, gun owner face charges for his stolen gun.
  • A white supremacist in California arrested for illegal gun production.
  • In Baltimore, white supremacist sentenced 25 years for shooting a Black man.
  • A ‘Proud Boy’ was arrested for multiple felony charges in Portland, Oregon.
  • St. Louis hospitals has record number of children with gun shot injuries.
  • Texas Sheriff arrested for tampering with evidence from a 2019 fatal shooting of a Black man during a traffic stop.
  • Federal law enforcement officials were instructed by the Trump Administration to make public comments sympathetic to the Kenosha shooter.
  • A socially conscious consumer economy.