You are not alone when it comes to your views on gun violence. Research from Navigator confirms that most Americans describe gun violence and mass shootings in the U.S. as a “crisis” or “major issue.” At Stop Handgun Violence, we applaud President Biden for taking executive actions for gun violence prevention. But Congress must do their part. Americans, including gun owners, show strong support for Congressional action on significant gun law reforms. This includes requiring background checks on all gun sales.

Stop Handgun Violence in the News:

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Other News:

  • Rhode Island Judiciary Committee to hear gun reform bills on assault weapons ban.
  • Arizona Governor signs bill to preempt Federal gun laws.
  • Colorado Governor signs two gun safety bills into law.
  • After mass shootings, people buy more guns.
  • Breakdown of President Biden’s plan to address the gun violence epidemic.
  • Supreme Court declines to hear Alex Jones appeal in the Sandy Hook case.
  • Supreme Court to hear New York case on carrying guns in public.