Gun Violence is National Epidemic.

Yesterday the 517th mass shooting of 2021 took place in a Kroger Grocery Store in Tennessee. One person was murdered and thirteen others were shot. The shooter took their own life and police continue to investigate the motive. The time for federal laws that protect all Americans is now. Tell your Senators to support a national assault weapon ban.

Annual MVP Award

Last night the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence honored Cindy Diggs at the Annual Peace MVP Award. Cindy is a champion for Boston neighborhoods that are at most risk for gun violence. We congratulate Cindy for her work!



The Concert Across America

In 2016, we hosted the first Concert Across America to End Gun Violence to mobilize with music to end gun violence! Since then there have been over 500 concerts in 43 states. In its 6th year, we are excited to have a great set of musicians join us for a virtual event on Facebook.


In the News:

  • San Diego bans sale and possession of ghost gun components.
  • In Maine, a Biddeford man shot dead by his evicted tenant.
  • At a Missouri elementary school, parents’ argument escalate into a gun fight.
  • In Pennsylvania, guns out after an argument over baby shower gifts.
  • In the pandemic, gun violence affecting children reached epidemic levels.
  • GvPedia breaks down the myth of “Guns Make Us Safer”.