Appeals court blocked the lower court’s decision to overturn the California Assault Weapons Ban.

  • The implications of a California Judge’s decision on a 32-year old law heads to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • How misinformation overturned California’s assault weapons ban.
  • From ‘fraud’ to individual rights. Where does the Supreme Court stand on this issue?


In Other News:

  • Man arrested in Springfield with stolen gun.
  • In Maine, a four-year old finds gun and shoots himself dead.
  • A mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado; 5 shot and 1 dead.
  • Disney World has spike in concealed weapons into the park; which are prohibited.
  • Honolulu police officer shot a 16-year old eight times in an idling car.
  • Missouri declares Federal gun laws invalid; and no – they can’t do that.
  • In Texas, a road rage incident ends badly when a father misfires and shoots his son.
  • Harvard research reports Black Lives Matter protestors were overwhelmingly peaceful.


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