Too Many Guns Bought in 2020

The Joyce Foundation shared recent survey results of 30,000 gun owners who purchased firearms from 2019 to 2021 to-date. Researchers estimate over 40 million guns were purchased in this timeframe; 30 million in 2020 alone.

As we recognize the 5-year mark of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, America has a deadly weekend of FOUR mass shootings: 38 injured and 6 dead. We are now at 272 mass shootings for 2021, as reported by Gun Violence Archives. The recent spate of mass shootings among the worst in history.

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An Act to Prevent Mass Shootings


  • Connecticut State Police investigate a fatal shooting in Litchfield law office.
  • Bystander shot in downtown Burlington, Vermont.
  • At a Publix grocery store in Florida, 3 dead including a toddler.
  • New York seeks to remove immunity for gun manufacturers.
  • In Austin, 13 injured and one dead in mass shooting.
  • Most mass shootings are intertwined with domestic violence.
  • Parkland students who survived one of the deadliest mass shootings are graduating.
  • A radical idea to get lawmakers attention on the epidemic of gun violence.
  • Senate probe reveals more was known about an armed invasion before the Jan. 6th Capitol Riot.