Thanks to all who joined us for #WearOrange actions! You can still contact your MA state legislators on our priority bill, An Act to Prevent Mass Shootings, and others listed on the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence website.





President Biden nominated David Chipman for Director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). SHV and 58 other gun violence prevention organizations have signed on to a coalition letter in support of his nomination. On Wednesday, May 26, the Judiciary Committee held a nomination hearing for Chipman. To watch a recording of the hearing, follow this link.

Other News:

  • Rallying against gun violence in Gloucester.
  • Braintree K9 dog shot and killed by suspect who also injured 2 officers.
  • Man in Worcester was shot in the leg after scuffle with dirt bike riders.
  • Alabama authorities gave back his guns; he then shot and killed his wife.
  • California Federal Judge Benitez compares AR-15’s to Swiss army knives as a home defense weapon and rules 30-year state ban on assault firearms as unconstitutional. Attorney General Bonta pledges to file an appeal.
  • In Florida two kids, aged 12 and 14 yrs old, opened fire on police with stolen guns.
  • It continues…a mass shooting in Miami Florida.
  • Teen killed by police in Honolulu was shot in the back of head.
  • NRA drops federal lawsuit against New York Attorney General’s office.
  • Violence Policy Center newest report finds more than 85% of Black homicide victims are killed by guns.