VOTE with your wallet

After the 2018 Parkland shooting, several companies responded to the youth outcry to end gun violence. Most recently, chief executives of 145 companies signed onto a letter to the Senate to pass universal background checks.

But, the Senate’s response has been silent as they continue to ignore the will of the people. So we are calling on our nation’s largest businesses to take the lead in gun violence prevention (GVP).

We’ve partnered with GVP allies to release the first-ever Gun Safety Scorecard for businesses. The Scorecard measures retailers’ efforts to keep the public safe from gun violence in three specific categories and assigns a letter grade to 29 large American businesses. The Scorecard gives consumers the opportunity to vote with our dollar this holiday season and support businesses that are prioritizing gun responsibility.

Go to to see if your favorite business is gun safety certified and then take action. Ask America’s largest businesses to initiate policies to prevent customers from bringing guns into their stores, end political donations to lawmakers who stand in the way of gun reform, and invest in community-driven gun violence intervention programs.

Thank you & Happy Holidays! Together we can end gun violence. 

Stop Handgun Violence Team