Why I March – By Amelia

With just eight days until the walk, we continue to hear from students about why they will be walking 50 miles for gun violence prevention. You can join them at the end of their walk on August 26th at Smith and Wesson in Springfield, get details here.

The following was written by Amelia, a rising senior at Longmeadow High School.

“I am proud to march fifty miles with my peers from across the state.

We advocate for gun reform on the legislative front in regards to assault weapons bans, bans of bump stocks, and raising the legal age of purchase of firearms, and at the same time understand the importance of keeping companies like Smith & Wesson accountable.

They rejected a request to merely sit down with students, even when asked by Senators Markey and Warren. Smith & Wesson should interact and give back to our community and stop funding the National Rifle Association.”

Read more why students are choosing to march here.


Students wishing to join the movement, can sign up to walk here: https://50milesmore.org/march-ma/

Adults may volunteer here: http://bit.ly/50mmmVolunteer

Sponsor a walker by donating here.

Join us at the rally on August 26th in front of Smith and Wesson: Facebook event page