Why I March- By Felix

As we approach the 50 Miles More Massachusetts march from Worcester to Springfield, we’ll be posting blogs written by the student organizers. The march will be held August 22nd through August 26th, with a rally outside of Smith and Wesson at the end.

Our first blog is written by Felix, a 16 year-old student leader from Sommerville, MA.

“As I was introduced to massive issue that is gun violence, I started to do research about gun violence in the country and gun violence in Massachusetts. What I found was that Massachusetts prides itself on having extremely strict gun control laws, so much so that the NRA had recently sued the Commonwealth. I was also shocked when I found out that Smith & Wesson, the country’s third largest firearm manufacturer, was based in Massachusetts. I thought to myself that it was impossible that an NRA affiliated company that produces weapons of war could produce these weapons in Massachusetts, where they were illegal. I was even more surprised when I discovered Smith & Wesson’s despicable policies of not having secondary tracking of their firearms, nor accepting any responsibility for the heinous acts committed by their products. 

Angered, I, along with my co-organizers decided to speak up to Smith & Wesson, for the families who have had loved ones ripped away from them by a firearm produced by Smith & Wesson, for the countless of people who wake up every day with a piece of their world missing. We decided to respond up 50 Miles More’s call to action, and organize a 50 Mile March in memory of thousands of lives lost.”


Students wishing to join the movement, can sign up to walk here: https://50milesmore.org/march-ma/

Adults may volunteer here: http://bit.ly/50mmmVolunteer

Sponsor a walker by donating here.

Join us at the rally on August 26th in front of Smith and Wesson: Facebook event page