Why I March- By Jack

As we approach the 50 Miles More Massachusetts march from Worcester to Springfield, we’ll be posting blogs written by the student organizers. The march will be held August 22nd through August 26th, with a rally outside of Smith and Wesson at the end.

The entry below was written by Jack, a 16 year-old student leader from Sommerville, MA.

“My name is Jack and I am a co-organizer of this 50 Miles More March. I walk because gun violence is an issue like no other. The lack of regulation of a machine, with one purpose, to kill, results in close to 38,000 deaths a year. But I’m from Massachusetts. I should be proud to live in the state with the lowest rate of gun deaths in the nation. And I am, I’m proud of our laws, our legislature, and governor for their stances on this issue. But MA falls short in the city of Springfield. There lies the headquarters of American Outdoor Brands and the manufacturing headquarters of Smith and Wesson and M&P. This factory produced the modified AR 15 used in San Bernardino and in Aurora. I walk to resolve this violent tarnish on my home state. I walk to make sure that these military grade assault weapons are no longer built in my home. I walk to stop the Iron-Pipeline of S&W products that are sold into NH, VT, and ME and are brought illegally back to my state. It is high time manufacturers joined the conversation about ending gun violence. We’re bringing the fight to them. Get psyched. Lives are in the line.”


Students wishing to join the movement, can sign up to walk here: https://50milesmore.org/march-ma/

Adults may volunteer here: http://bit.ly/50mmmVolunteer

Sponsor a walker by donating here.

Join us at the rally on August 26th in front of Smith and Wesson: Facebook event page