June is #WearOrange for Gun Violence Awareness Month.

As part of a national movement, we’ve got actions planned, including a Statewide Coalition Advocacy Day!

Pre-register here for virtual Advocacy Day


…We witness mass shootings especially in schools in the US. When asked about the issue, Zoe Grover explains: “Mass shootings in the US are a product of the ease in access to firearms that most states allow.”

SHV Executive Director, Zoe Grover, interviewed for The U.S. and Their Guns

In the News:

  • Massachusetts should stop exporting death.
  • A 2-year old in Maine shoots parents after accessing gun on nightstand.
  • Washington Governor Inslee signs into law prohibiting open carry at State Capitol protests.
  • Gun owners who support gun control.
  • Mass shooting insurance in high demand as pandemic restrictions eases.